Betsy: Zach for puppeteering and project support. My dad and Neal’s Vacuum and Sewing Center, for sewing guidance and for keeping my White Jeans Sewing Machine running smoothly. My mom for her continued support and playfulness. Adam Kruetinger for puppet patterns and YouTube tutorials. BJ Guyer for his online puppet building class through the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. University of Minnesota Duluth, for financial support through a chancellor grant. 

Lindsey: My Mom and Dad, Onie and Gordie, for teaching me how to sew, participating in impromptu art discussions, and making sure I had art supplies near me when I was on crutches and healing from my surgery.

Lydia: Sewing lessons and helpful advice from Codi and Liz at Home Ec. Workshop. Patterns and tutorials from Wiksten, Seamwork, and Purl Soho. Madeleine for sharing her sewing machine with me until Pat and Kevin gifted me my very own. My parents, my grandparents, Billy, and all of my aunts. Lisa Robertson for phrasing. Riley for conversation.  

Also, thanks to the Central Minnesota Arts Board, Sarah Everson, and Public Space One.
This project was created by Lydia Diemer, Betsy Hunt, and Lindsey Schmitt in 2020-2021.